1. These Rules [hereinafter: the Rules] regulate vulnerability and weak points detection [hereinafter: Vulnerability detection] of the security of the information system [hereinafter: the System] located at
  2. Taking any actions [hereinafter: Tests or Testing] related to Vulnerability detection means acceptance of these Rules.
  3. You will not receive any remuneration from us for Testing, and we will not charge you any fees. System testing is cognitive and purely educational.
  4. You will not do any damage to anyone, and especially to us, by exploiting Vulnerabilities in the System you will discover. After discovering the vulnerability you will inform us via the flag submission form and you will do nothing else with the fact of diagnosing the vulnerability. You may not use the data collected in the System, violate the privacy laws, other intellectual property rights and personal goods of any third party and ours. During testing, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks and attacking any system other than are prohibited.
  5. Testing will not be considered an attack on our information systems or interference with the systems.
  6. By providing us with security information, you also provide us with a non-exclusive, irrevocable and perpetual license to use this information in our current business.
  7. You can test and cooperate with us if you are at least 16 years old. We operate under the law commonly applicable in the Republic of Poland.
  8. Contact: